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September 2016:
Blue Bucket race
Good performance of Team Kolvenbag & Son in the Blue Bucket Stampede 2016; even though we did not have a top bird, the breath of the team resulted in the following:
- 350m race: 4 out of the 6 birds in the money at 27-32-65-69-124-125 against 481 birds. I think we are the only team with 4 birds in the money
- Average speed over 5 races: 30-40-62-63-75-102 against 873 original entries, that is 5 birds in the top 10% average speed
- 28th place in the 2-bird average against 203 teams entered
Our best bird in the series is KOLV 1008 with 27th / 481 birds today and 30th average speed, this bird was also 5th /125m last week so she can do both the short and the long distance work. She is out of Fahrenheit and Ms Mercedes, and thereby a full sister of Mr Okla-Homa who was 2nd Acebird in the Mercedes Classic a few years ago. Interesting that the first 3 birds today were a daughter of Fahrenheit, a half-sister of Fahrenheit and a great-grandson of Fahrenheit. Hence the picture of Fahrenheit and family attached. (see picture of this family under the breeders tab)

Feb 2016:
Great results at the MDPR 2015:16:  King of Blues was there !!  Coming home on a hard 336 mile race with on 43 daybirds out of 2161 birds in the race.  He came home through thunder and rain just before dark !

MDPR King of Blues
41 41st final 336M SAMDPR 43 daybird 2161 birds /5000 birds entered
9 9th US bird clocked
13 13th Grand Average over 20 races
4 4th US bird in Grand Average
2 2nd US Country Challenge
131 131 HotSpot Average
52-73-102-229-244 MDPR5 Hotspot Races Serie 2 
19-22-15-39-98 MDPR5 Hotspot Races Serie 3

2014 and 2015 race results are posted; good results across the board - glad to see consistency

Jan-May 2014:  A good breeding season despite the extreme cold winter with 16 (!) snow storms on record.  Birds keep looking great, no need to intervene with any medication.  The addition of some great new supplement products made a difference.  If the young birds race as good as they look, we are going to have a great year.  In the meantime I receive reports that our birds are racing well and breeding good racers in other lofts too.  Always good to hear !!

Jan 2014:  As we all know this was a tough MDPR with only 56 birds home on the day.  Khaleesi and Coyote Ugly made it home the next day (second day), but were too late to claim any honorable place other than making it home.

24 January 2014: 
All eyes on the South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race:  We have 3 going to the final race:  Khaleesi (98th 4th Hot Spot 3878 birds), Coyote Ugly and The Kruk of Kennett.  Fingers crossed.

18 January 2014: Breeders are mated up.  All pairs mated in 24 hrs and all got their box in 48 hrs.  A good start.

December 2013:  Great result in the Mercedes Classic !!  2nd Champion Bird and 3rd Loft Champion !!!

Update on the 2013 Mercedes Classic One Loft Race: 71 teams and 425 birds were entered, 4 race series 150-200-200-300m. Congratulations to Steve Furlonge for champion bird 1327. Kolvenbag and Son with WC5449 was 2nd Champion bird on points and 4th Champion bird average speed against 425 initial entries. WC5449 is from Fahrenheit (son of Karl and Freya, brother to Celsius and Calori, half brother to Velocity, Karlittle [1st BFC 150m 2013) and WC5415 (2nd PHX Open 2013) and Ms Mercedes (bred by Elton Dinga, raced by Kolvenbag and Son). In 2011, Ms. Mercedes herself won 1st place in the 300m Mercedes Classic and was 2nd Champion bird that year. Kolvenbag and Son finished on 3rd place in the Team competition against 71 teams. Isn’t it great to see that the 2nd Ace bird 2011 now breeds the 2nd Ace bird 2013.

Interesting facts on breeding:

Team Kolvenbag & Son had the 3rd best team in the Mercedes Classic 2013 over 4 races. While 4 birds in each team count for points, we only had 3 left for the races. It is a super performance of these 3 birds competing against other full teams with 4 birds. Interesting fact is that these 3 birds are closely related. So here are some thoughts about my breeding for the Mercedes race:

• 6 birds send, 3 went to the races

• The 3 that went to the races are closely related, the other 3 that did not make the races were not related to the 3 that did. Two are siblings, the third is a ‘cousin’

• All 3 are grandchildren from Karl (2 with Freya, one with FCON hen)

• Two are grandchildren from Freya (with Karl) the third is a direct child from Freya (mated to son of Karl x FCON)

• All 3 in the team were born in the period of full moon +6 days

• WC5449 Ms Oklahoma (2nd acebird points, 4th ace avg speed 2013) hatched on the day of full moon

• Ms Oklahoma is a daughter of Ms Mercedes, who was Mercedes Classic 2nd ace bird herself in 2011

3 December 2013:  Good start in the Mercedes Classic, hope the team can keep up the good performance.  SAMDPR has started, team has been slimmed down to three (Coyote Ugly, Kruk of Kennett and Khaleesi), also the World Ace Challenge has started also.  Looking forward to a few good race series.

16 October 2013 it has been a while but now the races are starting up: Good result by WC5429 "Karlittle" (Karl x Lisa) who won 1st Breeders Fall Classic 150m vs 277 birds last week. 

7 June 2013 - the website goes live !  I will expand as we go to make this an informative website. 

Below are two videos taken in November 2013, the first one is from the FCON hen (12th IF Convention - great breeder) and from Tony (1/2 brother 1st Ace Mercedes Classic 2011)
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