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September 2016:  Nice reference received: 1st Combine 200m 342 birds 25 lofts won by a grandchild of Freya. Freya is one of the 3 foundation hens in the loft of Kolvenbag & Son. A few years ago, a son of Freya went to California to Mr Harmeet Singh. In his first year of breeding he bred Tule 74 a great racing hen (2nd 262 miles vs 273 birds, 2nd 177 miles vs 299 birds, 5th 240 miles vs 305 birds, 10th 300m vs 285 birds). In her turn, Tule 74 has bred some good racers. This last weekend, one of her youngsters bred by Mr. Singh and raced by Baker Racing won in the combine 1st 200 miles vs 342 birds from 25 lofts. Great to hear that this family of birds keeps doing well at different OLRs and at different lofts !

May 2014:

Congratulations to Nick Lebresco winning 6th place SubUrban Combine 200 mile race (56 lofts, 920 birds) with WC1291, bred by Kolvenbag and Son. Sire to WC1291 is “Celsius” (6th Ace Champion World Ace Challenge over 6 races and 1650 miles v...s 600 birds; “Celsius” is son of ”Karl” (Klaas) and “Freya” (Grondelaers; 8th AU Convention) , and is brother to ”Calori” [17th 250m 402 birds] to “Fahrenheit ” [who is sire to “Mr Okla-Homa” 2nd Ace Mercedes Classic]. Dam to WC1291 is “Maybe”: 13th Ace Champion Canadian International OLR with 1600 entries over 7 races and 1525 miles (incl 4 races over 300m) incl 15th 350m with 58 daybirds (294 birds). “Maybe” is daughter from "King of Kennett" (Jelle Roziers) and "Schone Bange" (Klaas). Always nice to hear that my birds are also performing well in other lofts !

Oct 2013
Congratulations to Mike Ennis winning 2nd Phoenixville Open with WC5415.  Brother to Karlittle WC5429 (who won 1st 150m BFC).  Both are sons of Karl (Klaas) and Lisa (HVR: Henry x Mona), and thereby half-brothers to Celsius (6th Ace WAC), Fahrenheit (sire Mr Okla-Homa: 2nd Ace Mercedes), Calori (17th 250m 402birds WAC), '31 (good racer and breeder), Sexyback (38th Grand Avg MDPR)

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